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The Power of Storytelling through your outfit

The Power of Storytelling through your outfit

They say the favorite hobby of a woman is shopping! As a women, I believe that it is an anti-depressant. Whenever we are stressed out or in other words bored we love to shop, indeed a nice way to kill time. But shopping isn’t what men think it is, they think women should go into just one particular store and buy what they need instead of roaming around and visiting a million shops and finally buying something. Let me tell you why women shop in such a manner. Buying something is not a mere act, in order to buy something you need to connect to it, by connecting I mean you need to like it, you can only buy something if it matches your taste.

As a person we wear a different face every day, yes you can consider yourself “a many face god” (a reference from Game of Thrones), wherever you go you are a different person and the clothes you wear tell a different story, the real story. Your outfits do a lot of storytelling, each a very powerful one.

A person’s personality is reflected through her clothes from modest tops to the exotic stories behind Lady Gaga's outfits. Your clothes depict your true self. Some people like wearing vintage clothes, some like to carry a hippie look while others want to keep it pretty elegant through bows and all. Each piece of a clothing has its own story to tell.


Ever wondered why you are told to “Dress to Impress” whenever you meet a person for the first time or go for an interview? Here’s why, because your clothes describe your personality. For instance, if I meet a person for the first time the first thing I notice is the shoes he is wearing, that is because a good taste in the shoes defines a fine personality. It’s not that wearing a specific brand will make your personality impressive but wearing the right sort of the clothing items. Now obviously, if you are going for a job interview, you cannot wear jeans with a t-shirt and sneakers, you need to wear a dress pant with a dress shirt or a blouse. You can either go for heels or pumps but you need to make yourself look professional.

A career oriented woman is always comfortable in her professional dress code, suit and tie. Yet a computer engineer will be more comfortable in jeans and a hoodie, and yet sometimes a more casual outfit.


Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is not a bedtime story that our parents used to tell us while we go to sleep. But it is something a brand tells about itself. It’s not just the content that the brand conveys to the customers, but the way the brand designs the clothes, the visiting cards, the staff of the store yet everything related to the brand is what makes people create a story about the brand. People can buy clothes from any brand why do they need to buy it from you? Because of your brand story, you need to create a story to which people can connect, about which they care and they want to buy it. For instance, Lois Vuitton, people want to buy it because it offers them a good story. You need to show people your values, you need to create a bond based on loyalty and trust between the brand and the customers.


What Do You Need

As women we love telling our friends about what clothes we just bought and how it felt like. So you need to provide your customers a story that they can tell their friends about, regarding your brand. Cultivate your story in your customers through the fashions shoots, fashions shows or advertisements.

Brand storytelling is indeed a nice marketing strategy to attract the right sort of the audience. But if used wisely. First you need to create a story of the brand by showing the customers about; what is your brand’s vision? What your brand has to offer? And why they should buy your products?

After that you can create a story for your each collection. Since, customers are attracted towards whatever they find compelling, hence creative fashion shoots are always the best option. For a fashion shoot you need a good story line, you need to figure out what you want to show to the customers which depends upon your choice of audience. To compel a customer towards a specific clothing, the clothing needs to be portrayed as a center of attention in the whole story. And you need to transfer a message to your customers about how your product is different from others. For instance, If you want to tag your clothing line with a theme regarding nature and all, go for a depiction of a forest or something and for that you need to make your model dress up accordingly, even if she is wearing a casual wear, let’s say shorts with a crop top, but if she has the proper accessories, like adding up feathers, using shades of green or white, and then setting up a proper environment with the right sort of props, you are good to go.

But all along you need to make the customer the main lead instead of your brand, you need to portray your brand as the supporting role. For instance, you advertise it like a woman has been invited to a party on a very short notice for which she needs to get a dress as soon as possible but she cannot go and shop, what should she do? And then you have your brand as a solution, your brand offers online shopping service and delivery on urgent basis so that your customers can get their dresses as soon as possible.

The fashion world depends on how good you sell your story. But also how good your clothes are in terms of the quality. And also the way you advertise it, if your clothes are being advertised by a famous model or an actress I love, I will definitely buy the dress she is wearing!


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