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You know you’re a fashion lover when…

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….. You are just sitting in your home and will literally try on all your clothes to make up hundreds of outfit ideas.

….. When you were in school you were on the lookout for cute outfits to give you the best fashion ideas to try next.

….. You can’t help but overhear others say the words fashion blogs, fashion designers, fashion jewelry, or fashion shows.

….. You can’t tell if you are just really a fashion type who wants to look good and feel good or if you are a fashionista who needs to look good.

….. When walking past guys who say anything similar to “girls in tight jeans”, “sexy dresses”, “cute clothes” or “cutest girl in the world” you smile inside because they are obviously talking about your fashion.

….. When you have your resilient guidelines of handbags, shoes and jewelry which your ‘womens clothing’ styles must abide by and vice-versa.

….. When you dress to go out you are sure your fashion has as much to do for the benefit of others as it does you.

..... When your confidence tells you can rock a dress just as good or even better than Nichole Richie, Emma Roberts, Nina Dobrev or Adriene Bailon.

…. You live for those moments when other women ask you where you got your outfit or when you catch them taking a picture of your cute outfit to probably post on

….. You need to have as many other girls as possible following your trends on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, wanelo, youtube,,, or Pinterest!

….. When you use new fashion finds as inspiration for homework assignments and your teacher must understand for the importance your future that fashion is no longer an educational option!


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