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5 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Denim Shorts


Oh America and its fashion…nothing has ever defined us better than DENIM. From skirts to shorts, to overalls and button-down shirts. It has become an American staple and unisex culture seen all over the globe!

No matter if your style is completely casual and super laid-back or very well put together making your look polished. We have loved them and will forever remain true to the denim movement. So much so that in today’s modern world, there are many fashion companies have made it their mission and target-market alone. One can definitely say with true confidence that #denimrules!

They have helped us accentuate our lovely curves and allowed us to re-create some of the best fashion styles in season… One can never go wrong owning and flaring up our lovely accessories with these. Considering the sheer prevalence of styles that are available for us now, it’s no wonder that throughout the last decade, jeans have emerged as wear-it-with anything essentials. No other item comes close to the popularity that DENIM has acquired and taken its looks and favorite trends to a broader level than others. There is no doubt that every gal has and will always own a pair. From cut off shorts for a grungy rebel look, to finely tapered for a more classic touch. 

Here are 5 stylish ways to wear denim shorts:

#1. Acid Wash Jean Shorts+Graphic Tee

It is a fun and trendy way to rock those favorite pairs of denim shorts. Ideal for Spring/Summer, the graphic tee adds that spontaneity of “coolness” to your wardrobe. The more colors the better! So don’t be afraid to allow the colors to flow in this piece. Get creative with this look by pairing it up with quirky sunglasses and a statement clutch.

 #2. Light Tapered Jean Shorts+Simple Top

Nothing feels more comfy then a casual top and tapered denim shorts. It is a look ideal for any occasion!

The top as stated is merely “simple”. Its more about the fit and comfortability in this look. Attain the look by pairing it up with those awesome moccasins of choice, gypsy inspired cuff bracelets and even a beanie. There’s so many ways to alter this look while keeping the easiness of it.

 #3. Frayed Jean Shorts+Oversized Button-Down Shirt

A staple look and one of my all time favorites! 

Frayed shorts have proven to stay within our fashion eye and with it comes a variety of ways to style these jean shorts. Style it with an oversized button-down shirt in any color of choice. The white color for the shirt is a standard for a policed and European vibe, however my all time favorite is in black or even a striped shirt. Whether with ballet flats, strap heels or even Nike sneakers to accentuate, this look is promised to keep you rocking away in style!

 #4. High-Waist Jean Shorts+Crop Top

A flashback to our famous ’90’s, we have all loved this trend and now with its comeback we are able to channel our inner rebel all over again

High waist shorts can compliment any look, that is if you can pair them up with a sassy crop top to finish the look. These can come in a series of styles, including one-button closure or various. With pockets or no pockets at all…you name it. Tapered or even acid-wash… pick your favorite and select a simple or solid colored crop top for the ultimate style. 

 #5. Cuffed Denim Shorts+Striped T-Shirt

A classic style to wear. Cuffed denim shorts are amongst the top types of denim jeans and as so when paired with a striped t-shirt of choice and blazer… you will have heads turning your way!

Seen in all of the fashion weeks including NY, Paris and London this look can go from casual to chic at any moment. Its all about the accessories and the denim wash to complete this fabulous trend!


Which one of these top 5 styles do you prefer? Have you rocked them all or perhaps just a few?

Share your comments and pictures below and let us know your favorite picks!


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