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5 Street Style-Approved Ways to Wear Denim Jackets


5 Street Style-Approved Ways to Wear Denim Jackets

Street styles have made their mark with endless fashion forward looks we love. More importantly both the DENIM and overall street style wear have become an absolute favorite amongst what I like to call “fashionados” (or fashion aficionados). An essential and most favorite trend of them all is to own and rock an amazing DENIM JACKET in its many ways, shapes and forms!

Denim jackets are the absolute best not only because you can literally pair them up with just about anything, but also because they have a way of lending a casual vibe to any outfit of choice while still delivering unique style. They will keep you nice and warm on a chilly day while not overpowering the rest of your “look”.

As a matter of fact, denim jackets have the ability to make that one outfit of ours even hotter than it already is! Whether it’s throughout Spring, the more chillier days of a Summer, and perhaps during those long days in Fall… Denim jackets are so versatile that even with jeans look great! To take advantage of the exquisiteness of “THE” denim jacket, below are the top 5 street styled ways to wear them. 


    Nothing speaks laid-back and casual like the TOMBOY style for your denim jacket.

    The key to mastering the tomboy fashion style is balancing rugged, boyish pieces with fitted items (such as this special denim jacket of yours!) that fit your curves. Styling it this way will maintain your femininity while still sporting a relaxed look. 

    Cuff the sleeves in a form-fitting manner and wear it with almost all buttons closed. A simple tank or razor back will do for the underneath pieces to accentuate. The idea here is to feel and look looser. Let’s keep in mind that layering can add great effect to achieve this while wearing thin cardigans and even cargo pants of choice!

    2. CITY CHIC

    With this style one embraces their inner city girl and authenticity in fashion. The best way that i can describe the CITY CHIC style for your denim jacket is one of being sassy, on trend and on-the-go. The city chick is one who goes from point A to B sporting a rocking outfit yet moving to many places at once. She makes the style look effortless and a favorite one to wear!

    To wear this look, be sure to cuff the sleeves with more flare and “pizzazz”. The neckline will seem more glamorous and hip. Playing with the silhouette in this style is a totally fun experience. Pair it up with a fabulous jumpsuit or a Summer dainty dress making this denim jacket style a classic indeed!

    3. RETRO

    And of course….we couldn't forget the ultimate and most classic look of them all-the denim jacket in the RETRO style. Acclaimed by many, this style is known for its epic evolution in the fashion world. No pin-up inspired gal has ever passed up the opportunity to wear this quirky style, taking you back to the famous era when all the girls wore their bright cherry lips and paired up their awesome “Victory Rolls” with a Paisley bandanas. Ha! What an unforgettable trend!

    The best way to embody this style and to truly commit to its time is to roll up the sleeves to the elbows, keeping the folds unpredictable. In other words, the messier and bunched up the sleeves may look, the better! Simply extend the farthest part of the cuffed sleeve outwards to add that “Grease” inspired feel and plump up the neckline for some edginess and voila!… a RETRO style at its finest!

    4. THE CROP

    An absolute favorite of mine and completely easy to wear is the CROP style for your denim jacket of choice.

    A short denim jacket gives a whole new take on the high-low trend we have all been crazy about! A short denim jacket is definitely something that depends on your particular body type, however keep in mind that the average denim jacket cuts off last a natural waist length. 

    If you have a smaller waist or a larger bust, the short denim jacket may end up looking strikingly awkward. So before even making your purchase for that cropped jacket try out as many lengths as you possibly can. See which one fits best to accommodate for your curves and your height. Once the hunt is over, get ready to pair it up with a maxi dress, high-low skirt or simply skinny jeans.

    5. THE FUNKY

    So it’s a day out with the girls and you are feeling creative, but not just that…today’s mood is very specific. You want the right kind of quirkiness yet convey your uniqueness in style with the trends. This is why the FUNKY style for your denim jacket will be the perfect look to choose!

    There’s no limitations or specifics with this style. It’s all about how creative you can be wearing a simple white V-neck or even slouchy harem pants. You can make it edgy while brightening up your style. So you are wondering…what is the best way to style my denim jacket to achieve this FUNKY look?

    Cuffing up the sleeves way above the elbows, revealing some skin or perhaps layering the folds with a bright colored knit to accentuate. The neckline will give it away, so make sure to play with it enough to add a “special” touch of style to your get-up. Using the button-down feature provided in all denim jackets will help us even more with how one can style this trend. Simply button the jacket in a way that its not conventional. Bottom line…get ready to have head turnings and people asking “Just how did you manage to style your cuffed sleeves like that?”

    Do you own a denim jacket? If so, how do you wear it? Which one of these looks is your personal favorite? 

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