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Should You Dress for Yourself or for Your Boyfriend?


These are probably questions that have crossed every gal's mind at least once when it comes to that line between fashion choices and relationships. Does he like me in this or that or something else? How to tell if he likes you if this too much or not enough? What to wear on a first date? Am I attractive in this outfit for him to even notice?

Decisions, decisions!

But there is a true pattern that can be found, or at least some guys think so, that can wrap up a few answers together for these questions. I set out some inquiries among the boyfriends of my customers in order to find out what they thought about their girlfriends' fashion, and the answers were interesting.

At first I asked questions that gave simple results like, Do you like how your Girlfriend dresses for you? Do you notice her new outfit? Does anything she wears bother you?

Now these questions seemed clear enough and the answers were short and positive, but when I presented my findings to my husband he chuckled, "And you really think this is what is going on? Those were the same answers I gave when we were dating but they are just fluff. Go back and ask the right questions without the Girlfriends present and you will get a better idea." So with doubt on my mind and a set of new questions from my spouse I set off again to get the 4-1-1 on what is really going on. So here are the 'revised' questions with some insight after the most common answers.

Q: What kind of outfit ideas does a girl wear that catches your eye at the mall?

"Styling shorts are an eye catcher without a doubt, what guy wouldn't want to look at a girl in shorts?"

"If she wears like a T-shirt or something like that I am like, 'meh'. But one of those shirts that have her shoulders out (strapless blouse) will turn my head."

"Show something different and I will look. Those dresses with the back out make me think 'I wish I could put my arms around her like any good boyfriend would do.'"

Insight: Guys will usually not admit that a gals fashion set her apart to catch their eye. Once you have caught their eye they will either decide to try to talk to you or decide if you are out of their league as if you were rocking those shorts like Taylor Swift.


Q: What do you think about your girlfriend showing off some risqué clothing with you in public?

"Why do you think we are together? I met her that way and it doesn't bother me."

"I really don't care about it as long as I know she is with me. If other guys want to look I can't cut their eyes out."

"Depends on how far she pushes it, but for the most part as long as she isn't intentionally trying to get me jealous I am OK with it."

Insight: Secretly guys who are secure about their relationship actually enjoy their girlfriends to continue to look extra attractive in public. Some guys feel pride that their girlfriends are still sought after by admirers as long as she is clear who she is faithful to.


Q: What new things do you like to see a girl wear?

"You mean new as in different? I would like to see a few more mini-skirts out there."

"Sun dresses. I see a girl in a Sun dress it makes me think she is happy."

"My girl can put on anything she wants as long as she isn't going to be wearing dirty rags."

Insight: Guys will approve 99% of any new fashion style you decide to put on as long as you look good in it. Jeans, dresses, skirts, rompers, jumpsuits, or shorts are not set to an extremely high standard you must reach in order to go out. Live a little and take an example out of Sophia Bush's fashion play book by styling a cute sun dress every now and then.


What brands do you require a girl to wear?

"Is there a brand that is better looking than another? If there is then that is the brand I go with."

"Jean shorts. Oh, that is not a brand? Um.. can you name some brands that make jean shorts for girls?"

"My girl had that black shirt on the other day that I love. I think she bought it here."

Insight: Most guys are not 100% fashion brand savvy on women's selections. This is why most guys DON'T personally purchase clothing for women and stick to more traditional gifts. Visual cute factor is 99% what they concentrate on and 1% on the actual brand of the clothing. So experiment with different brands and styles either for going out the mall, the park or even cute outfits for school as it really doesn’t get tied down to a brand with guys but as every girl knows there are those brands that she will tend to get tied down to.


With the information I was able to get from my questions I think it is safe to draw up the conclusion that most of the time dressing for yourself goes hand in hand with dressing for your guy. We sometimes dress with a certain clear fashion change hoping they will notice immediately but we fail to realize that they only want us to be happy with our fashion selections. Although men will notice eye catching fashion, in the end what they really don't want is for us to be upset with what we are wearing so they usually will remain silent instead of commenting on our new outfits to avoid saying the wrong thing. The way they see things, 'if your outfit is not brought up, then everything is good and they are good with it'. This little difference in how both guys and gals view a girl’s outfit selection seems to play a role on deciding what to wear on a date, but dressing for you seems to be the best way to enjoy a fashionable day and your guy will just love you for it. 

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and dress for yourself and you will find the perfect boyfriend! Find something new, unique, bold or fierce and let the inner you come out through your fashion!


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