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How to Have a Maxi Dress Success This Summer: Choosing the Right Color


Summer dresses may inevitably imply that little sun dress, but this summer, here’s an idea: Go for the summer maxi dress and look like a maxi-million bucks! Just because the temperature is on the rise, that doesn’t mean your hemline has to be too! The maxi dress—mildly unexpected and great for throwing over a swimsuit or transitioning into cooler night temperaturesis a blessing to any summer side of the closet. It's a twist on the summer dress that manages to be super comfy and total cuteness at the same time. Another bonus? It’s flattering on any figure. It will hang on you with that sweet, loose hug that only a true partner-in-crime knows how to do. The maxi dress also has a secret power! Maxi dresses will hide those unavoidable summer mishaps! Got stubble on the shins?  A scab on the knee? Bermuda-short suntan lines, right across the thighs?  Summer maxi dress to the rescue! 

Now that you're sold on the maxi dress, which one is the one for you? Being that it is maxi and all, there’s simply more fabric by definition. So, picking the right color or pattern is especially pertinent—because there's more of it. That said, here is our hot list of dress colors we find to be berry, berry fierce! Get the right dress. Get it in the right color. And then do it all in style—your style.

Check out your complexion. You know, the whole cool versus warm tone thing. Cool and ivory? a Golden Bronze Maxi Dress somewhat similar to Jennifer Aniston's 2015 Oscars dress? You’ve got different things going on! So let’s do this, to the maxi . . .

Number One Choice—White Dresses

White dresses are a closet basic, but also bold and memorable. We don’t remember Marilyn standing on the steel grating in her iconic white dress for nothing. But there isn’t just one shade of white. Have you recently been kissed by some sun? Well, then flex that complexion and pick a starker, crisper shade. A strapless cover-up, or a halter neckline will flaunt the new gold to your shoulders. Accent the look with a bold, juicy lipgloss. Bust out with a stack of bangles in metallic coppers and golds. Dash it with pizzazz much like Miranda Kerr styles her white Maxi Dress.  Killing it. That’s you. 

But then again, that’s not all there is to white dresses! Warmer, dustier crème-and-ivory-inspired shades of white in flowy fabrics take on a bohemian sentiment that is not only romantic and free-spirited, but looks great paired with a denim vest in a well-worn shade of blue. Because you know you got it right when your outfit tells a story. This approach works well with floral prints or eyelet patterns. Sandals, again, neutral. Or look chill in some espadrilles.

Favorite First Cousin of the Little Black Dress — the Maxi Black Dress
On the flip side to the white dress is a color that is unkind to no body type, and cruel to no complexion—the black dress. Pair with colorful flip-flops and a ponytail by day. Turn up the heels and jewelry by night. Black really is a safe bet for everyone. A maxi black dress adds a gazelle appeal to the long and slender, but it also especially kind to fuller figures, and is the secret to hiding problem areas. Throw on your sassiest sunglasses. Pick a purse with peppy personality.

Basic and Bold at the Same Time — Rev It up in a Red Dress!
Knock ‘em dead in red! While a vivid, coral-to-corvette shade of red seems like the assumption for summer, your complexion remains a consideration. Golder, browner skin tones? You should hit up the more orange side of the red-hot spectrum, and show up in some sizzle.Touches of turquoise in your jewelry will add both edge and bohemia. If you’ve got a fairer complexion, pick a richer shade, for contrast. Or better yet, try a red-based print that will balance a red pedicure while maintaining an air of glamour, even when you’ve got your toes sunk into the sand. 

Wary of the Ordinary? Say Hel-lo the Yellow Dress!
Sometimes yellow gets a bad rap. Even in its pastel versions, it’s a noticeable shade, and one that some are apprehensive about wearing. But honestly, be brave. That’s actually what the yellow dress has going for it. Whether mellow yellow or a bold marigold, there’s a lot to be said about a yellow dress. Yellow is naturally sunny and uplifting. Browner complexions can get away with the more neon side of the spectrum. You’ve got this. Baby shades of yellow are a safer bet for the fair. Yellow accents or prints also let you ease into this spectrum. And you know, gingham is making a comeback! Part your hair into loose pigtail braids. Makeup and shoes in neutral tones. White sandals? Why not?

So there you have it! Our color picks, how to pick ‘em, and more importantly—how to wear ‘em. Still unsure? Hey, that’s what prints are for! Because if you had set your sights to any runways for fashion-week previews of this summer, you may have noticed a bonkers-for-boho aesthetic, but delivered with a new soft and romantic spin, turned up by a wild touch of gypsy chic. In other words, there’s a bohemian trend going on that will translate beautifully to the dreamlike and feminine flow of a great maxi dress. Start your Fierce Berry dress sesh now.


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