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The 4 Best Reasons to Love Rompers


So what happens when a 90's clothing favorite makes a surprising comeback within our current fashion trends?
We end up with one of the most innovative and reinventing fashion styles that we have all been waiting for!

One of my all time favorite and stylish trends to wear and known for having placed their mark within fashion...
Got a clue of what it is yet? Here's one more detail to consider.
If you thought there was NO WAY that this style would not surprise you this time around or even be back in our fashionable radar...
Be in for a startling shock because whether in silk, denim, solids or perhaps quirky prints, these are being worn left and right!
Today's topic: Rompers.

Here are the top 4 reasons to love Rompers:

#1-Versatility-Go from Casual to Chic

Having that one specific trend that can be worn from day to night is essential in all of our closets!
We have all been there before... A mid-day brunch with friends and family but then an evening outing with your girlfriends.
So what to wear? How can we be "on-the-go" and still deliver uniqueness in style?
Rompers are the answer, they have that versatile element to be able to go from casual to chic in no time. It's as simple as adding a few accessories
such as a statement necklace, or perhaps a metallic clutch. Whatever that small detail is... Rompers sure have a way to adapt to any circumstance!

#2-Comfort-From lighter fabrics to others

Often times we are hit with the fact that we LOVE that romper, however no matter how much we want to wear it... it is NOT comfortable!
This is why rompers come in many different types of comfy fabrics...because what's the point of looking fabulous while having no comfort.

For those stylish girls concerned with physical ease here are a few fabrics to look for when choosing the "right and light" romper of choice:
Cotton Voile- A lightweight, semi-sheer fabric with great draping properties.
Silk- Delicate and lightweight fabric that drapes well. It has a slight shimmery appearance making it great for an evening look.
Light Denim- Denim is an all time favorite for overall styled rompers, jumpsuits, etc.
Although sometimes in heavy-weight fabric, be sure to choose a light-weight denim for a less dense romper.

#3-Romper Styles-Great For Any Body-Type

Seriously though, what really is better than a denim romper or sexy silk jumpsuit?
What's best of all, there's really a fit for any body-type. We gotta love that!
With this in mind, it's fair to say that rompers just like jumpsuits come in a variety of silhouettes and virtually there's one for everyone.

Here are a few rompers for different body-types:
Belted Jumpsuit-Accentuates your curves and can drape beautifully around the waist. Worn best in denim or even solids.
Athletic Hooded Romper-Great for lounging around while keeping it "sporty". A great piece to choose when running errands or on-the-go.
Two-Toned Jumpsuit-Any combination in 2 of your favorites tones or prints. Enhance your style and get creative choosing those colors!

#4-Durability-Reliable with little maintenance

Being in style and keeping up with the trend of the season can be a challenge when on a budget.
The beauty and simplicity of rompers is even more enticing when they are incredibly easy to wear and require very little maintenance!
A simple hand-washing scenario with no need to resort to dry-cleaning, gives you the opportunity to save some bucks.
Now that's an offer no gal can refuse! This is what is amazing about rompers/jumpsuits, to know that one can purchase an all-time wearable piece suitable for ALL occasions.

Fashion trends come and go and with the seasons being ever-changing, there's so many styles to account for and we want to wear as many as we can. Picking the romper that will last you for the season yet meet your expectations in both cost and style is imperative.

So here it is ladies, keep in mind the following KEY words when shopping for any rompers/jumpsuits:

Here at Fierce Berry we have selected this trendy romper, easy-to-wear and in a light-denim... Shop for it here and enjoy!


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