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How much jewelry play to make your look?

Fierce Berry How much jewelry play to make your look?

Fashion, ah fashion…..what a flighty temptress you are. Many have pursued fashion as a means for enhancing his or her appearance to a level that may be perceived as attractive by onlookers and all who interact with them. Fashion has been adopted as a way of life by many and has indeed influenced the lives of many….some for the better and for some, in a manner adverse. Fashion has also been the progenitor of many different accouterments which when applied to one’s person can accentuate the latter’s appeal and charm. The range of these accouterments is vast and extremely diverse in terms of choice.

Perhaps one of the most profound and eminent of fashion accessories or accouterments is none other than that of Jewelry. Jewelry also holds the distinction of being one of the oldest and most ubiquitous of fashion trends. Different cultures from across the globe have their own set of jewelry collections that are deemed desirable by their respective denizens. That is why jewelry is one of the most preferred and popular of fashion trends within enthusiasts of the latter.

However, as it is with everything, exorbitant application or adoption of anything is detrimental. Same is true for fashion and by link, the same holds valid for Jewelry items as well. Jewelry is something that emanates an aura of pleasantness and attractiveness only when used in moderation. Laden on too much of the trinkets and baubles and you can be sure that the effect will be ostentatious for sure. So… not to do that ok?
Fierce Berry How much jewelry play to make your look
It would be wise to remember that when you are accessorizing, always approach the aspect with moderate predilection. Extravagance in this penchant can certainly spell disaster for your image and that would be a huge no no from a fashionable perspective. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to define the actual line separating moderation and overkill in pertinence to jewelry. There are no set rules when it comes to delineation of the whole notion regarding jewelry overkill. There are however, a few guidelines that can navigate you on the path to mastery of jewelry application on a moderate degree. So, let us see what they are:

1. First of all, know that your jewelry is only there to accentuate your and your outfit’s appeal. Don’t let your jewelry distract onlookers from yourself or your attire. For instance never wear a stack of necklaces in combination with a stack of bangles. Instead, go for either one of these stacks. When you pour on the jewelry, it sort of discombobulates onlookers and spoils your appearance for them.

2. There is one affront that you should never commit when it comes to wearing jewelry and that is wearing larger than life earrings or necklaces. Hey that is just too tacky in our opinion. Instead, go for a more demure and classy look with a centralized jewelry piece, a focal point if you will, and construct the whole setup around it.

3. Make sure that the jewelry you are wearing sits well with your attire. Coordinate your outfit with your choice in jewelry as an incompatible decision can spell ruin for your image. For instance, when wearing a black dress, don’t go overboard with a big chunky necklace. Instead get a modest sized one that better complements the dress in question. Similarly, don’t wear small, vague necklaces with chunky sweaters. With Maxi dresses, you can always wear the smaller jewelry items of your liking. 


4. Think of the effect that you are trying to achieve and predicate your choice of jewelry around it. For instance, if you are trying to appear in a manner elegant, then a restrained and modest display of jewelry is the way to go.

5. Fashion jewelry is one aspect of your appearance, your hair is another. Focus on it and wear it a manner that enhances the little jewelry that you have on. Also, never wear large earrings if you have smaller or thinner hair as they stand out in a most obscure and undesirable manner.

6. Wear jewelry in accordance with the occasion. Never wear gaudy or cheap jewelry for an elegant and fancy ball. However, if you are going out for some window shopping or general grocery shopping then make sure that you wear less in the way of jewelry. Simple earrings will be enough to improve your image on such mundane excursions.

7. Jewelry is meant to be worn as accessories, not as musical instruments. Wear jewelry in a quantity that limits the latter’s din to trivial and inconsequential levels. Too much jewelry translates to noise which is majorly frowned upon by guests and onlookers alike. You are dressing up in a fashionable manner, not in the gypsy manner.

8. Wear a single piece if you are thinking of wearing statement jewelry. Don’t go for matching sets here as they really lower the value of your fashion appeal.


9. Know when to exclude jewelry from your apparel. Don’t be confused and hear us out. It is not necessary for you to always put on something from the jewelry department to look spectacular. Sometimes you get to be such simply through your own natural appearance and the charming quality of your clothing. For example your beautiful collar bone will do the job splendidly when you wear a top dress that entails a low neck line. Still, if you want to balance your look a little further, then the addition of attractively prominent earrings really do the trick.

Jewelry is synonymous with fun and we know it. However, know when to quit so you don’t end up looking awkward and gaudy instead of sharp and sophisticated. Wear jewelry on a rational and sensible degree as excess of the former can really damage your overall image. The aforementioned guidelines can be extremely instrumental in assisting you towards that end. So, go forth and get those jewelry items out but do remember…..always put on jewelry in moderate levels lest you end up looking tacky and unavoidably tacky.

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